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Keyword Selection

Want to be Found?


Begin by selecting the proper keywords and potential customers will come to you.

Keyword Research Done Properly

Our team of SEO specialists will do the necessary keyword analysis and competitive analysis manually to find the right keywords. What keywords you rank for can make all the difference. We will find the most effective and highly targeted keywords for your business.

keyword research
quality content

Topic Modeling

Prior to producing content for your campaigns, our team analyzes the keyword discovery report completely to determine the topics and structure. We use Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) topic modeling to make sure Google intreprets your content correctly and ranks it for the most proper terms.

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Target Precise Markets

Our specialists keyword research and discovery is exhaustive. We then segment this list to target specific markets using long-tail and exact match keywords. Tell us what markets you want to target and we will segment them into your campaigns.

keyword segmentation